Monday, 12 September 2011

Rock Stars

Have you ever noticed that people always use rock stars as the benchmark of kick-ass behaviour? Like when it's someone's birthday someone else will chime in with "party like a rock star". Or when a friend dresses really pimpin' to go out or to a wedding then they "look like a rock star". I assume these people are just going to go out and live large rather than make weird demands for the entirety of the evening. After all, who but a rock star can get away with hiring a bunch of clowns to get drunk and wrestle one another in the presence of a priest? Yeah... only a rock star. Or a really retardedly rich person.

What if rock stars are getting tired of this? What if they are getting sick of having to invent new ways of destroying a hotel room using only their bodily fluids? These poor people are having to pave the way for reckless and thereby awesome drunken behaviour when maybe they just want to have a quiet night in with the missus and watch "Pride & Prejudice".

Have we ever considered their feelings? Would we think any less of Alice Cooper if he started baking cupcakes? What if Ozzy Osbourne started knitting? We could take the 'rock star' genre to new heights. For example - "Hey man, going to the quilt exhibition later? Stitch like a rock star!"

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