Thursday, 14 April 2011


Why has it become the norm at parties for people to play the guitar?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an anti-guitar fascist or anything I just don’t see why a party collective has to be subjected to the mindless twanging of a badly played guitar.
There are people who are few and far between that rock at playing the guitar and to them I tip my proverbial hat (it’s green and has many feathers) but for the most part people who know a few chords feel entitled to bombard the ears of those around them for hours on end.
I mean you’re at a party and there is music playing quietly, people chatting, drinking, laughing that sort of thing and then suddenly some random at the party (absolutely NOT the host) pulls out a guitar that they ‘found’ in the house and begins to strum ... and strum and strum and strum. They don’t sing, they don’t play regular known songs (or maybe just one chord progression from it repeatedly) and they don’t really involve anyone else. If that person was playing on their iphone it would be considered anti-social but apparently playing an instrument all by yourself is okay because the sounds they are making contribute to the party atmosphere. Does that mean I can stand in a corner and sing the “Mario” theme song to myself and not be considered a total numpty? NO.
There is some weird social loophole when it comes to guitars and people need to know the truth! Why is it only guitars? Would someone randomly grab a cello? Or a tuba and start tooling around? I doubt it. Or rather I doubt that anyone would put up with that for more than eight seconds.
Let’s stand together people. Let us not sit idly by, awkward grins adorning our faces, but rather take the guitar off the incompetent, yet arrogant, guitar fiddler and smack them in the back of the head with it!  

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