Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Since when did getting older mean that we have to behave like adults? I realise that sounds like a rhetorical statement but seriously – who started this crappy rule?
When did it become not okay to cry at the dentist’s office or skip merrily down the road just because you felt like it?
I turn 22 this year and it is just confirming how terrifying it is to be older and more responsible. “Responsible”. What does that really mean? Well according to my primary school dictionary it is defined as “1. Answerable or accountable, especially for something within one’s power, control, or management” and it comes right after rabbit but before steamroller – sweet dictionary I KNOW. Did you ever find in primary school that if you couldn’t spell a word your teacher would tell you to look it up? What’s with that? I mean if you can’t spell the word how the hell are you meant to find it?? Mark it against all the words you do know and work backwards? Well at least I learnt how to read and write in school so here we are... Now where was I? Oh yes. Being responsible – or rather not being very responsible in terms of clarity in this blog...
So – responsibility. Taking control and managing my actions... well what has that got to do with fighting the urge to bellow “Eye of the Tiger” on the bus? I take full control of that... the volume, the delivery and its general brilliance.
Why have retained a Victorian standard of public and social living? This hushed up-avoiding eye contact with a bad situation? Who hasn’t avoided staring at a public brawl between a man and woman who get heated and start shouting about their waning sex lives and inability to re-tile their bathroom? You avoid it but really, really want to gawp. The only reason we don’t is because a) it’s rather inappropriate and b) because we don’t want these crazies getting all up in our grills.
It seems weird though... I don’t know... I think it’s warranted to throw a big tantrum like any normal child would when the video store is out of “Avatar”. Or when your significant other asks you do to the washing up... It’s better than bottling it up and then finally exploding at them in a public place. Like your wedding.
That reminds me... so there are these life-size concrete cassowaries (big blue emu/ostrich birds – look it up) at a service station near us and one day there was this dad with his three little kids having lunch. Well two of them were having lunch... the other one was doing this...

He was having the time of his life... it was awesome. Heck after seeing him do it – I wanted to do it!
Maybe the moral of the story is to do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t involve aggression...Or maybe that you should be able to do whatever you want as long as I find it amusing.

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