Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Just a Thought: Careers

Isn’t it ironic (don’t ya think?) that all the industries that are considered ‘feminine’ are ruled by men? I don’t understand how blokes can go around thinking that fashion and food are girly career choices. I mean, most of the world renowned fashion designers and chefs are men. Sure, there’s probably loads of women in each of these industries but the ones at the top are usually men – why is this? I could go on a feminist rant and say that it’s the case in every industry because our Western capitalist society is inherently patriarchal – but I won’t.
It just seems really funny to me that there would be weirdness in some families when a son says to a father “Dad, I want to be a fashion designer/chef”.
How are these “girly” careers? Traditionally, women are the ones who cook and take an interest in clothes but it’s the highest peak of these workplaces that are occupied by men.
Just a thought...

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  1. I am very upset at the idea of a man capitalizing on women's work, and beating them at their own game, a game they could have a chance of winning.
    But the reason some men get further is that men are more aggressive. You have to fight to get to the top. Some ladies may adore their jobs, but don't have a competitive nature. My mother was a fashion designer in London, she worked for Monsoon and others, but she said it's a very cutthroat industry. She is a housewife now. I want to carry the flame as a costume designer. I will spend all energy into work, and not have a child because it's a mindnumbing dead end.